Medicare and the PDAC announced a K0009 coding reclassification initiative effective March 1, 2013. This CMS effort is to move products currently coded as ‘not otherwise classified’ to existing HCPCS codes. Presently there are 4 categories of Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) that are coded as K0009 including: 1) Positional Tilt in Space MWCs <45 degrees  2)  Made to measure MWCs, 3) Bariatric MWCs with special features, 4) Standing MWCs. The CTF and NCART have met with CMS on several occasions to request that the CRT items currently coded as K0009 remain K0009 or instead unique HCPCS codes be established. In response, to assist with their decision, CMS requested that we assemble and submit additional information relating to K0009 products including technological distinctions, utilization, cost, user population, clinical indicators and evidence to support a superior clinical outcome. The CTF prepared 147 page report presented to CMS on January 28, 2013 with the requested information. You may download and review the full report here. Medicare K0009 MWC Manual 1-31-13 (compressed file)

Laura On February - 12 - 2013


CTF in Action, NCART


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