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Medicare and the PDAC announced a K0009 coding reclassification initiative effective March 1, 2013. This CMS effort is to move products currently coded as ‘not otherwise classified’ to existing HCPCS codes. Presently there are 4 categories of Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) that are coded as K0009 including: 1) Positional Tilt in Space MWCs <45 degrees  2)  Made to measure MWCs, 3) Bariatric MWCs with special features, 4) Standing MWCs.

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A chronological list of CTF Actions are listed below, with a brief sumamry of the action. First Month Purchase Option 2009: Medicare beneficiaries currently have the option to purchase a power wheelchair in the first month of medical need. The Clinician Task Force (CTF) believes that language that eliminates this option will have a severe negative impact on the most vulnerable population of our communities.

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The Coalition to Modernize Medicare Coverage of Mobility Products (CMMCMP) Clinician Task Force submits to the CMS Interagency Task Force the following document for consideration during the agency’s review of coverage of mobility products. The goal of the clinician task force is to provide CMS with an objective and consistent process by which medical necessity may be determined and documented.

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