The Clinician Task Force (CTF) was originally formed to provide a mechanism that allowed the voice of the clinical community to be involved in making a difference and ensuring appropriate access to assistive technology.  There is clearly a need for experienced clinicians in the field of wheeled mobility and seating to share their knowledge and experience regarding Complex Rehabilitation Technology (CRT). Having the clinician voice integrally involved is critical to advancing the joint issues that suppliers and manufacturers are pursuing via their professional organizations.  The clinician voice is also essential in creating a separate benefit category for CRT so that we ultimately achieve a sustainable process that ensures strong clinical outcomes.

The primary focus of the CTF over the past year has been in increasing clinicians’ awareness and recognition of the importance of improving appropriate access and funding for Complex Rehab Technology for persons with disabilities.  Our work has already had significant impact in this area as outlined in the sections detailing our recent accomplishments and current priorities  (Note to Anjali: make these hyperlinks).

It is your financial support that has enabled us to make significant progress in working with our professional organizations to gain recognition and commitment.  The involvement of an active CTF can being the clinical voice to bear on key CRT issues. Please consider making a donation to the CTF to continue this important work.