The nation's most experienced and respected seating and mobility clinicians working to improve Medicare coverage guidelines for mobility devices.
"It is important that the right equipment gets to the right people - those who need it to meet the mobility needs arising during the course of typical daily activities. The Medicare coverage policy needs to be revised for that to happen."                                                                                                           ~ Barbara Crane, PhD, PT, ATP
Welcome to Clinician Task Force.
Since early 2011 the Clinician Task Force (CTF) has focused our efforts on increasing clinicians' awareness and recognition of the importance of appropriate access and funding for Complex Rehab Technology for people with disabilities. This is critical in gaining support from the clinical community for the separate benefit category for CRT.

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As a direct result of the work of the CTF, we are pleased to report tangible progress with the unanimous passage of CRT motions within the Representative Assembly of the AOTA (representing ~40,000 members) and the House of Delegates of the APTA (representing ~77,000 members). These are the highest policy-making bodies of these associations and the first occasion bringing attention and formalizing policies related to CRT issues!

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12/9/04 :: Position Paper “It is the position of The Clinician Task Force that it is impossible to determine and therefore meet the needs of individuals who require powered mobility devices without the completion of a clinical evaluation …”

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01/14/05 :: Position Paper “The Clinician Task Force submits the following recommendations for a new national coverage policy for wheeled mobility devices as invited by CMS in the NCA Tracking Sheet for Mobility Assistance Devices

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