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We are the nation’s most experienced and respected seating and mobility clinicians, working together as the Clinician Task Force (CTF) to improve access for consumers with complex medical conditions who require customized seating and wheeled mobility equipment (known as complex rehab technology, or CRT*).

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Advocating and Educating in the Wheeled Seating and Mobility Industry

For far too many people who need seating and wheeled mobility devices, policies and obstacles abound. Inappropriate wheelchairs –or ones lacking needed accessories – impede active, healthy lifestyles. We know though that using appropriate wheelchairs and mobility accessories reduces medical complications and improves active participation in daily living and tasks for who need such devices.

Our educational work aims to explain the complex process to clinicians who work with clients that need customized seating and wheeled mobility equipment, so their clients can achieve their highest potential with health and function. Our advocacy work aims to break down systemic barriers so people who need this equipment can get it and do so more easily.

Tools and Resources

The Clinician Task Force works every day across the nation to leverage our expert voices and training to make the lives of those who need Complex Rehab Technologies as easy as possible. 

State and Federal Policy Advocates

Our advocacy work aims to break down systemic barriers so people who need this equipment can get it and do so more easily. 

Featured Resource

Why is it so hard for me to get the wheelchair I need?

A video for full time wheelchair users on how to improve your access to get the wheelchairs you need!

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Educational Resources for Clinicians

Recommending an appropriate wheelchair requires a holistic evaluation. These clinical resources explain best practice in wheeled mobility and seating services, whether in-person or by Telehealth.

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What others are saying about the Clinician Task Force

“The Clinician Task Force is not just an organization of highly skilled and experienced physical therapists and occupational therapists; it is a group with a passion and mission to improve access to technology for people with disabilities.  CTF members understand what is needed to promote positive health outcomes and quality of life for their clients. Their experiences and observations related to declining access to technologies provides a highly valuable perspective for policy makers and legislators. Their collective voice is critical in any effort to bring meaningful change.”

Rita Stanley
Chair of the Government Affairs Committee

"With my feet solidly in the world of funding, it has been a breath of fresh air to have the involvement of the CTF. The expertise of the CTF members is crucial for the end-users, not only in the evaluation and product selection, but in their dedication to making sure the proper products are paid through the various insurance companies. Their voice is not only key in the reimbursement of individual claims but also in the expansion and/or development of new coverage policies. I always look forward to working with this incredible group."

Claudia Amortegui
President, The Orion Consulting Group, Inc.

"The ITEM Coalition greatly appreciates the CTF and the value they add to the field's advocacy efforts. CTF serves as a vital source for clinical expertise on seating, mobility, and other issues facing people with disabilities, and their contribution has been integral to a variety of projects to expand access to assistive devices and technologies. We look forward to continuing our longstanding collaboration with the CTF and its members as we work to advance public policy for people with disabilities, illnesses, and chronic conditions."

Peter W. Thomas
ITEM Coalition Coordinator

"United Spinal Association so appreciates CTF's passion, commitment and expertise. It's a pleasure to work with the CTF team: individuals dedicated to seating and positioning for people with disabilities. Thank you CTF!"

Alexandra Bennewith
MPA, Vice President, Government Relations, United Spinal Association

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