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These resources are authored or compiled by CTF workgroups. The authored documents range from policy recommendations to peer-reviewed journal articles to guides on best practice in CRT. The resources here offered for public use, when properly cited.

The resources also include compilations of CRT policy links to guide practice at the federal and state levels, individual CTF member publications, and a guide to online training materials for novice through advanced practitioners. Please contact the CTF with any questions about the below resources. Learn on!

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Clinical Resources for CRT

Recommending an appropriate wheelchair requires a holistic evaluation. These clinical resources explain best practice in seating and wheeled mobility services, whether in-person or by telehealth.

CTF Resources

The CTF engages in advocacy efforts. Some of the resources display letters sent to CMS to advocate for changes, while others provide evidence-based descriptions supporting why certain equipment should be covered, and guide actions when equipment is denied.

CRT Policies

Insurance companies establish the conditions under which a person is eligible to receive a wheelchair base and/or accessories in their published policies. See the National Coverage Determination on Mobility Assistive Equipment from Medicare and individual state Medicaid wheelchair seating policies here! Medicare also publishes Local Coverage Determinations and Policy Articles at

Online Courses

Learn how-to perform specific wheeled seating and mobility skills through these online courses! Find a course that meets your needs using the Online Course guide.

Other Resources